Landon Schott

Landon Schott has grown up in the house of God all his life. He had an unusual upbringing; he preached his first sermon in Itarsi, India at fourteen years old. At sixteen he began to preach full time and by eighteen he was ordained as a youth pastor. At age twenty he met his beautiful wife, Heather, and was married two years later on July 16, 2005. Over the next few years they dedicated their full time and attention to the young people across America. Together, they were youth & young adult pastors in large churches in the USA. They traveled doing youth conferences, camps and crusades bringing the truth and knowledge of Jesus Christ to young and old a-like.

Judges 2:10, “another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” Landon desires to bring the young people of this nation back to the place ware they not only know about God, but also have a personal relationship with him.

Landon and his wife Heather founded The Rev Ministries in 2008, a media ministry that airs TV programs, Second Take and The Evo Show internationally.In 2012 Landon and Heather launched a 24/7 online youth & young adult network dedicated to turning the heart of a generation to Jesus through Christ centered media. Landon received his Bachelor Of Arts from Trinity Theological Seminary and has Authored “Jezebel; The Witch Is Back” a spiritual warfare book. He is currently working on his next book to be released late 2015. Landon & Heather live in Austin, TX where they base out of REACH Church. Landon resides on the church oversight board as well is a minister of the house. Landon and Heather have one daughter: Payton Olivia Lynn and a son Preston Noah Lee. Their mission in life is simple, to make Jesus famous!